Hello I’m Howard Monk

I work in music and the arts, heading up The Local, where I promote shows and book tours – roster here.  I do this with the help of a fantastic small team of independent folks.

I play the drums. I dj and compere at events. I present on the radio.

I can be hired to help with programming, project managing, consulting on your events, do get in touch.

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2 responses to “About

  • v1784Kevin Stone

    Well I have taken time post Folk Idol to seek you out.
    I am Kevin the father who shamelessly sent up his son to offer you sweets although in return we received a carrot, which to my amazement he ate!
    We loved it and returned for day 2, although day 2 there was a distinct lack of beards, which I feel slightly cheated by if I am been honest.

    It was a great way to idle away the late afternoon, we all really enjoyed it, thanks again from the Stone Family


    Kev Stone – Leeds fan, Yorkshireman living in Wiltshire working in fashion consultancy in London.

    • howardmonk

      Thanks for letting me know Kevin! Such a pleasure this weekend esp with those sweets from your bairns. You’ll have to force then to sing next year. Thanks again it’s nice to hear from people who like it!

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