Skunk. Idiots and Loveliness. 6 Things I know after cycling 1000 Miles for charity.

I’ve almost (6 miles away) completed this epic challenge for Dementia Research. I signed up to cycle 1000 Miles and raise £400. I increased the money when I reached £400 quite quickly. I’m now just shy of the £1k as well. Brilliant and thanks so much to all those who have supported with kind words and donations along the way!

I have been on the pedals for such a large chunk of my life (in fact there are few times when I HAVEN’T had a bike) and in the last few months in particular. I can’t help but notice some THINGS about cycling in my area of London. THINGS that I’d like to SHARE.

  1. People smoke a tonne of skunk in rush hour traffic in London. Great fugs of the stuff coming out of cars and work vans (and really fancy motors too) at 7, 8am and 6, 7, 8pm in the thickest and densest traffic. If I were an eager cop I’d get a little stand and do spot checks (higher proportion of painters and decorators I reckon).
  2. Don’t knock on the back of the Audi A3 who’s just sitting in the bike lane pulling out onto Putney Hill and therefore made you almost stop and go round him. He *might* be on a first date with a young lass and feel the need to REALLY go at you. Imagine your best ridiculous Kurrupt FM type voice “Don’t touch the fucking car man”. Quite funny but also quite “could-have-had-a-knife-or-ANYTHING”
  3. London has some totally lovely – STUNNING – bits. Richmond, Hyde, Regents Parks of course. But also Morden Hall Park, Beverly Brooke, Reddington Lock. Loads of places. Best done first thing in the morning as sun is coming up. Saw deer loads of times on my way into work these last few months and I swear I had a much better day after that nature therapy!
  4. There are idiots on the roads and they are not all behind a wheel.
  5. Cyclists are mostly blokes and they ALL want to race you.
  6. Cycling tells you a good deal about yourself. Like you might not always be first to get there and your bike may not be worth like the deposit on a house, but you do get there, and in fine form to boot. You get better by doing it and you enjoy it when you can feel yourself improving.
    One thing I saw on someone’s teeshirt one time was:
    2 steps to happiness.
    1: Get on your bike
    2: Ride it.
    I agreed then and I agree (more) now.

Once again big thanks to all donations and raise a glass to my lovely dear departed mum Judith, with whom I do have the odd conversation while out on the pedals!

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