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The Local in the USA part one… New York 1

So March saw the latest leg in what has become something of a pilgrimage to Austin for South by South West. More soon on whether I think it’s actually worth all the hassle and money. Like the last couple of years we had a stop over in New York on the way out, for a few shows, and this time we added a few days in Los Angeles on the way home. Well, whyever not.

Oh Really at Pete's

Oh Really at Pete's

Saturday 12 March saw my own flight out, and growing some extra grey hairs worrying about whether Alex Highton or Oh Ruin would actually get in, given we’d made the decision to come without work visas. Quite why you should have to get them is beyond me, for a trip like sxsw, but still, the rules is the rules. And we started the whole frikking trip with the real possibility that one of them wouldn’t make it. It reminded me of going to Amsterdam for my brother’s stag do as Paul Clark, as I had lost my own passport. Terrifying. But ALL OF IT WORKED. NOT A QUESTION ASKED. All that worry. So we got to play our first show at Pete’s Candy Store, who seemed most unaware of us, which was weird. But then the show was great indeed. We were turning people away. OK, so it’s a very small venue, but you can only play the team in front of you right?

We are The Road Crew

Alex Highton (sorry no image) played a pretty subdued set then explained why by falling asleep on his chair during Oh Ruin, who were great actually, and then DTB playing his first show for a good while, made not the best use of a crappy system and it was very quiet up front, yet his faithful were ever so… erm… faithful. Some three die hards bussed in from Philly each time we played, which was amazing.

DTB at Pete's

It was really special to get to spend some time with my cousin and uncle while in New York, that Saturday afternoon, and also with She Keeps Bees that evening, and staying at the Bees place, only destroying one or two precious things.