Monthly Archives: October 2010

Oh Canada

Working with more and more Canadian artists means I get invited to more and more of these events. I am currently in bed as I can’t sleep – it’s after 6am but I have been awake since about 3. I am in Kelowna, and I an here ahead of Breakoutwest – a West Coast version of the ECMAs which I attanded earlier this year.

Very glad to be here although officially (in my head) I was to be taking a few days off. To that end I have done a lot of sleeping and walking about aimlessly, reading, swimming. So that’s good. And today I am doing  a bike ride in a canyon or valley called Kettle.

Anyhow, might try and get some sleep. I am halfway through a more substantial blog. And will write about the good bands I see.



I am reminded that my troubles shrink into insignificance when compared to those of other folks. This doesn’t make mine any less authentic. Just to compare things like this, however useless in the long run, can be quite a good leveller. And genuinely being asked for your help or contribution is some privilege.