Daily Archives: September 3, 2010

HTC – Hate the XXXX

In one of those typical ad campaigns that make more friends for you if you have the product, HTC shouts about it’s capabilities of doing all kinds of stuff.

When I got my free upgrade from Orange a while back I opted for, (see – was sold) an HTC Hero. I asked for their best Blackberry as that’s what I was used to. An Android was what I was assured was the new thing. And at first I was very happy.I was happy that I wasn’t one of the tossers flocking to get an iPhone. I was kinda still into google as a company. (google seems to be going a bit crazy now though).

I need to get to the point. Later today I am gong to throw the little annoying piece of shit very hard at the floor, and hope that it smashes into smithereens. The keyboard stopped working long ago so now it takes an age to write the simplest of messages/emails. The reception can be infuriatingly poor. Orange aren’t going to help as it’s a while before my next free upgrade. “do you have insurance?”. No – just give me a fucking phone that will last the 18 months of the contract you insist I get. If the contract were 12 months, the fucking thing would probably just have made it for the duration.

HTC are saying they’ll come and collect it. But it’ll be in bits. I am going to happily use an old Nokia phone only for a while and go back to the source… hmmm