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Gillian Duffy no bigot, Brown not that much of a dick, get over it

It’s infuriating all this but for weird ways. The Guardian published an article by a wronged eastern European journalist who’d been moved to tears at this hatred of her and her brethren. Get a grip on yourself love.

When I first heard I thought this was funny, and was genuinely preparing for the footage to show this horrible racist woman giving Brown a right rollicking about immigration.

What I saw was someone questioning. Asking some tough questions. In a regional accent (am I allowed to say that this might be the reason lots of people agree with Gordon when he says she’s a bigot?). She asks once about immigration, mentioning eastern Europeans. He very quickly puts her straight and she moves on. Pretty normal 60odd year old woman in Rochdale perhaps? Not thick. Not bigoted. Not a politicking media shit (although she’ll no doubt now be forced to be by some media shits). There are plenty of bigoted pricks in Rochdale, but Gillian Duffy isn’t one of them.

So what Brown did was the same as loads of artists/musicians I have worked with. Just come off stage, having given a decent performance only to decry “that was a disaster” etc… not until having seen the performance and the audience reaction believing it was any good. A bit of a baby/performer/politician needing some sympathy/encouragement. And he said something about someone which was a bit rude.

So now Gillian will get wheeled out for the conservatives or bnp or ukip or whoever will pay her and she’ll be roundly hated (especially I am sure by the chattering classes in the south east). And Gordon maybe loses a few votes.

It’s the media shitsacks who cause this.