Daily Archives: January 12, 2010

Camels by the side of the rail tracks, in the snow

I’m in Groningen in Holland and it’s very cold. Much colder than when I left London this morning.

I’m here to help with Unconvention Groningen, which I am proud to be a part of. The idea of Unconvention seems to be a simpler and more accessible kind of convention. Not that expensive. Different to your usual (geddit?).

I’ve been invited here to speak about live stuff and I hope I can contribute properly. It means my trip is a bit less expensive than it could have been (Euros and pound are the same now!). This is important for a small business like The Local as there’s just not that much ££ kicking around.

Anyhow I’m glad to be involved in this as it’s simple, as I said. There’s just a couple or three panels and they all seem pretty interesting and valuable and DIY.

Comparing this to the whole raft of panels available at Eurosonic Norderslaag it’s clear which is the SIMPLER. But the stuff I can go and see here is still of really great quality I think. Talk by Agents, Festivals, European experts. One gripe is that many of them clash on Friday.

Another gripe (and you get this with SXSW too) – there’s still too much you have to pay for even though you’ve paid a bunch to get here…

I hope to write about the unconvention event here again soon.