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Very glad to report that nigh-on TWO THOUSAND POUNDS for The Disasters Emergency Comittee was raised by the John Peel Day show at The Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes. An excellent event which we’re glad to have played a small role in. All the acts were very Peely and from the very top drawer as you might imagine. It brings to mind a dream I had just last night. I don’t know why I had it. It seemed to lead on from thinking Jamie Cullum and Richard Hammond look alike. But anyhow in the dream I met Jeremy Clarkson. And I argued with him about his cultural signifinace. He seemed all so cocksure about how important he was as he was so wealthy and famous and my argument seemed to revolve around this imaginary graph I have in my head where the more famous someone is these days, the less relevant they get (or have to be in order to be so famous)… it doesn’t work in all cases, but for Clarkson, I think it works a treat. Anyway in an ideal world all the bands from Saturday would be on telly far more than Clarkson

One response to “Today’s post

  • marc cooper

    I like this. Perhaps we should ask clarkson to draw his own graph and compare it with. A barrel of blue tit pellets and fox’s fur ball, both eminently more significant I imagine than messer big C.

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